Kacey Laine

New Year’s Resolutions.

I don’t often do the whole New Year’s Resolution thing. I think it’s a bit overrated. Choosing one day, to overhaul your whole life. And often, as soon as you break it, even just in the slightest bit, you’re done. But this year, I want things to be different. I want to set ideals for myself. I want to have reminders to keep me going, and keep things moving in a positive direction. And so with that, I’ve decided to step inside the bubble that is, The New Year’s Resolutions. So here they are…

Communicate more in real time: I spend way too much time on my computer, on my phone, on Twitter, on Facebook, texting, emailing, everything except for real life communicating. I want to communicate more, and I want to communicate whole heartedly. I want to talk to people, and really take it in, understand what they are saying, and be able to actively participate in the conversation. I want phone calls over texting. I want face to face conversations. I want getting to know you, more than getting to know your screen name. Many of my relationships have been based off a virtual introduction, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay virtual. I want to pick up the phone and call my best friend. I want to go and see people, instead of tweeting them. I want my conversations to be real, I want my relationships to be real, and I want my life to be real. 

Live more for me: I find that other people affect me too much, both good & bad. If someone says something mean to me, it’ll eat me alive. If I like someone, they consume me. And all of this is great, it means I’m in tune with life- but I need to live more for me. I need me to be my priority, because at the end of the day, I’m the only one who’s going to be around in the end. I need to do everything because I want to, not because I think it would make “them” happy. I need to learn how to live for me.

Trust more: Trust people, trust life, trust myself. My doubts hold me back. I need to trust that not everyone I meet is a bad person, not everyone hates me, and that there are genuine people out there. I need to trust that life will go on if I take a risk. And I need to trust that everything will be okay. 

I am deserving: I wanted to have 5 resolutions, but this one summarizes anything I could ever try to “resolve”. I need to know that I am deserving. I am deserving of a relaxing day, and a crazy night. I am deserving of a healthy body. I am deserving of a happy mind. I am deserving of good friends. I am deserving of my success. I am deserving of a good life. I often tell myself that something didn’t happen, because I don’t deserve it. But I need to accept the fact that I am deserving. I have worked my butt off for the life I have, and there’s nothing that could ever take away that hard work.

So that’s it. My New Year’s Resolutions for 2014. And y’all will be along for this journey with me. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014 <3

New Year’s Eve | 2013.

2013. Four numbers strung together, representing 365 days of life. 

New Year’s Eve. A night for sparkly dresses, and sparkly drinks. A night to reflect on the previous year, and dream for the future. A night to tell your best friend just how much you love and appreciate her. A night to stumble over to the cute guy you’ve been eyeing in attempts to get the perfect New Year’s kiss. A night to curl up on the couch and watch the ball drop with family and friends. A night to go to sleep at 8pm, just because you want to. A night to sing with a stranger, and then to later find out that he goes to your new school and that he’s the star of the basketball team. No matter what your night is [or obviously isn’t as I’m still waiting for Zac Efron to show up and confess his love for me], it’s a night of change. And whether to you it truly does mean a change of living, or if it’s just symbolical junk that sucks people in- when the clock strikes 12, we all get that wonderful feeling that something magical is to come.

Take me back,
To the nights filled with snuggles,
To the nights filled with laughter.
Take me back,
To the bright shiny mornings,
To the ocean lined runs.
Take me back, take me back.

Kacey Laine (via awalkdownkaceylaine)

You replay it in your head, so many times,
Remembering the words said, or those left unsaid,
Remembering his touch, the way he looked at you,
Remembering the butterflies that made you want to run away in fear.
At what point do you move on?
When do you accept it for what it is,
simply a memory.

Kacey Laine (via awalkdownkaceylaine)

There’s something about not knowing.
Something about blindly following that which we do not know.
It’s the gut feeling, the passion, that drives and directs,
That twists and turns and ties your stomach into knots.
But the passion, makes it all so worth it.
Because for a split second, you have, completely, given up all sense of control.
Because of passion.

Kacey Laine (via awalkdownkaceylaine)

I want to be back,
Back in your warm embrace on that brisk December night.
Arms wrapped around my body,
Slowly drifting in and out of a sweet slumber.
I want to be back,
With you and nothing else,
Just me and you.

Kacey Laine (via awalkdownkaceylaine)